Road Saturn Service

Road Saturn Service

A Performance-Plus Service recommended for: the serious racer in your racing or heavy training phase. Recommended 3-10 days prior to a major race to have everything checked and have all the little extra things done before you race to ensure against having a mechanical on your big day. You have spent valuable time and money getting to this race, you owe it to yourself to arrive there with your bike in great shape.

Frequency: Planet recommends a Saturn Service every 6 to 12 months.

Saturn service includes Earth service PLUS:

  • Degrease and wash entire bike, wheels, chain, remove and clean derailleurs and all cogs using biodegradable degreaser, re-grease and reinstall
  • Remove crankset and bottom bracket cups, re-grease and reinstall
  • Remove rear derailleur, align dropouts and straighten rear tip using industry leading tools
  • For internally routed cables through handle bars and frame add $149
  • Performance test ride


$249.00 Book service

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