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Pluto Wash

Professional bike building and maintenance services

Pluto Wash

Just as Pluto is not quite a planet, a Pluto Wash is not quite a service!

Recommended for: when your bike is dirty and you don't have time to clean it!

Frequency: Planet recommends a Pluto Wash several times a year as required.

Dirty drive train components can lead to premature wear and tear of expensive parts, requiring them to be replaced earlier than they may have needed. A clean bike will perform better and ultimately save you money.

  • Wash bike and wheels with biodegradable degreaser and rain water
  • Degrease chain, derailleurs, wheels and all cogs
  • Reinstall wheels and lube chain, derailleurs and brake callipers

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Services are based on a standard hourly charge rate of $100 per hour ($25 per 15 minutes) with a minimum charge-out of 30 minutes. We do not charge a service call fee but do charge a quote fee of $50. The quote fee of $50 is refunded if the work is completed by our store within one month of the quote date. All service charges are labour only and are exclusive of parts, items such as new handlebar tape, cables, bearings and possibly new chain +/- cogs are often required. We can supply you with a quote prior to your service being undertaken if you require one. Our mechanics are happy to call you and discuss any further requirements which obviate themselves during the course of the repair.

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