Mars Service

Mars Service

Recommended for: entry level General Service, safety check or post-crash service for the social or recreational cyclist. If your drive train is relatively clean but needs some minor repairs like gear, brake or bearing adjustments then the Mars service is a good option.

Recommended Frequency: Planet recommends a Mars Service every 3-6 months.

Mars service:

  • Check and tighten handlebars and stem
  • Check and tighten steering headset
  • Check and tighten crank set and pedals
  • Check and tighten seat post and saddle
  • Check and tighten wheel nuts and quick release
  • Check wheel condition and spoke tension
  • Check tyre condition and inflate tyres
  • Check and adjust gears
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Lubricate chain, derailleurs and brake callipers
  • Wipe clean frame and wheels
  • Secure accessories
  • Performance test ride


Minor assembly from box or bag after traveling. Service and reassembly is as per Mars check list and may include seat, handle bar, pedal and wheel installation. This does not include cabling and, installation of other bicycle components or a complete bike build. See Bicycle Build.

$129.00 Book service

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