Planet Wheel Demos

Planet Cycles has an extensive range of demo wheels which can be ridden most days of our week or weekend.
Customers are welcome to come in and take one of our demo wheels for a test ride.

Our range of Demo wheels is huge across our extensive range  we sell and unlike most bicycle stores which may carry one or two brands here you can compare between a variety of different brands, models and type of wheels from standard every day, some nice carbon shallow rim wheels to the speed wheels used for road racing and triathlon.

Would you buy a new car with out driving it ?

Would you buy a new stereo without listening to it ?

Then come on it to Planet Cycles and try before you buy. Test ride a bike today and be sure what you want is what you get.

Demo Fee of $49 Wheels, $99 for Bikes and $149 for e-Bikes will be credited against the price of any bike purchased within 4 weeks of the demo booking.

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