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Be one with your bike

Developed in partnership with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Body Geometry FIT is a comprehensive fit system that creates the perfect marriage between bike and body. Through an opening interview, 20-step fit assessment, detailed equipment adjustments, and a thorough follow-up, our Body Geometry FIT technicians can adjust all riders' bikes to fit their bodies.

Shoe Technology

Developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Specialized shoes combined with Body Geometry high performance footbeds help athletes ride farther, faster, in greater comfort, and with reduced chance of injury.

Farther: Built-in varus angulation improves pedaling alignment for greater power and endurance. Also prevents knee pressure and strain. Faster: Built-in arch support and metatarsal button eliminate hot spots and numbness and helps maximize your power transfer with proper arch support. Comfort: Three distinct levels of arch and metatarsal support help you customize your fit.

Saddle Technology

Developed with ergonomic expert Dr. Roger Minkow M.D., our Body Geometry saddles are scientifi cally tested and ergonomically designed to reduce pressure for all-day riding comfort.

Comfort: The anatomically designed Body Geometry cut-out or groove takes pressure off arteries and soft tissue for improved blood flow and comfort. Pressure mapping research helps us determine areas of high/low pressure so we can optimize the design of each saddle. Fit: Since a properly sized saddle increases your comfort and power on the bike, Body Geometry saddles come in a range of widths to fit every rider. Efficiency: We design the shape of every saddle to complement the way you ride. Based on your position and preferences, you can find your match from a variety of flat, curved, and comfort saddles.


Glove Technology

Featuring BG padding and road-specific design, Body Geometry road gloves are designed to improve rider comfort, endurance, and bar control.

Fit: Our palm construction, seam placement and premium materials optimize comfort and fit. Comfort: We tune the size and location of the padding for riding position and experience. Protection: Our ergonomically shaped Body Geometry Gel padding dissipates pressure on the ulnar nerve to reduce numbness.



At Planet Cycles we are committed to getting you onto the right bike for you - the style to suit your cycling needs, the size to fit your body and the price to fit your budget. The team at Planet Cycles will have you riding in comfort and style on your new bike.

As your body changes with your fitness level and other life events, so too does your fit requirements. If you would like to get the most out of your ride - a bike fit can help you find more power and comfort.

Bike Sizing - free with any in-store purchase consultation.

2D Fit - A detailed investigation and adjustment of your saddle and handlebar position with your bike on the trainer will help you gain more out of your bike. Your riding experience and ability will guide our expert fitters to improve your comfort and performance. Free with any bike purchase over $1500.  45-60 minutes, $229.

3D Planet Fit or Body Geometry Fit - For the ultimate in bike fit, the most comprehensive fit on the planet is the Body Geometry Fit. After a pre-fit interview to ascertain your cycling needs and challenges, your qualified Body Geometry Fitter will conduct a pre-fit assessment which will provide details of your unique physiological and anatomical needs as they pertain to cycling. Your bike will then be manipulated to fit your body for the ultimate in power and comfort. Planet Cycles is pleased to be able to offer the DATA system which works hand in hand with the fitter to provide state of the art imaging and computer enhancement to give you the ultimate in bike fit. For more information on Body Geometry Fit call the store on 38919033. 3-3.5hrs $399.

Athlete testimonials

Saraan Finney - After riding my new road bike for almost 12 months, despite the money I spent on it, I just wasn't feeling comfortable and I knew my position on it wasn't right. I wondered how often people were put on to incorrectly sized bikes. I had been plagued with aches and pains since purchasing and riding this particular bike and although I blamed this on 'just getting older', I did often think if the bike had something to do with it, given the rushed and very unhelpful service I received when buying it.

Going into Planet Cycles was a totally different experience. Given that cycling is a largely male dominated activity it is always hard to find cycling shops that are not also mostly male dominated. It was both surprising and very pleasing to see that Planet Cycle has a fantastic mix of both male and female staff. It was terrific to be able to talk to other female cycling 'junkies' who knew so much about the ins and outs of cycling and what worked best.

My bike fit with Bronwyn was a relaxed, friendly experience and her expertise was unbelievable! She was able to explain to me in lay mans terms about the unique biomechanics of every individual and how we all move in different ways and the importance of getting your bike fitted correctly to cater for this. She took the time to gather objective and accurate data to adjust my bike to the 'strange and unusual' ways that I use to pedal along. Among many other things, she gathered information about my hip movement, ankle flexibility and any old injuries that I had. The level of detail she required surprised me!

Since the bike fit with Bronwyn I feel 'super' comfortable and much better laid out. I am more comfortable while seated and don't need to constantly adjust my position on the seat. The new seat that was put on is proving to be a good change - I am glad I could try different ones before deciding. The new setup is definitely faster and most of the aches and pains I experienced prior are no longer an issue.

I cannot say enough good things about the mix of friendliness and expertise I experienced when getting my bike fit done at Planet

Cycles. It was First Class all the way!

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Planet Bicycle Fitters

Bronwyn Victor


Bronwyn with a background in the sports of Track and Field and Touch before racing her bike at a National and International level, Bronwyn is also a qualified radiographer. Body Geometry Fit has allowed her to combine her education and experience in anatomy, physiology and pathology with her love of cycling to help people get the most out of their cycling. Fitting with physical anomalies due to injury or otherwise is of a particular interest to her and she enjoys seeing her clients reach their cycling goals, whatever they may be!

Simon Small


After reaching the pinnacle in the sport in sailing with a World Title and coaching the English women to Olympic Gold, Simon swapped his ropes for handlebars. He has been fitting cyclists to bikes since he began working in the bicycle industry and his racing and riding experience allows him to relate to the needs of athletes of all levels.

Marty Ross

Marty has been fitting bikes since starting in the industry in 1989. He has honed his skills using research and feedback from the tens of thousands of riders he has fitted over the years and uses his comprehensive experience of riding and racing along with his extensive mechanical skills to make you comfortable and efficient on the bike. Marty's particular skills have helped many riders gain the most from their bikes and he is passionate about fit.

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