Planet Cycles staff member Jason Banks

Jason Banks


Jason's a very hard worker who likes anything on two wheels even if it doesn't look right to everyone else or it's got three and a half wheels or the wheels are square. Born in NZ Jason made the trip to Brisbane a few years ago and starter in Planets workshop department after having completed two Shimano Tech industry courses.

Like all nutty MTB mechanics it's hard to keep a straight face with Jas when he's trying to crack a joke in the workshop. Like I asked him for his bio for the web site and he tells me.

"I'm an awesome mechanic who has the longest curly hair in the shop."

What can I say? Nutty?

Jason has also completed his Tech Masters Servicing course at SBCU along with his Shimano Tech courses and over the last few years  has developed into a very professional and skilled bicycle mechanic. It just becomes natural for Jason to step up and take over the workshop management role while Spencer Kearney our usual work shop manager is away.  Here is a guy who can't sit still and when ask what are his career goals? He says "To keep Brisbane bicycles rolling and continue enjoying his job".