Shimano has launched a brand new version of its 105 groupset - the most popular road groupset worldwide - that features an 11-speed drivetrain and, says Shimano, improved braking power.


Our Ultegra series is "pro-proven" as it is a direct trickle down from our Dura-Ace group. It stands for state-of-the-art technology, proven in pro races, the technology used in the new Ultegra 6800 series features 11-speed, newly designed brakes, new chain treatment and more.


Our electronic Ultegra Di2 6870 series, featuring direct trickle down technology from our Dura-Ace group. It stands for state-of-the-art technology with control at your fingertips.


Following over half a decade of proven Di2 electronic shifting systems, Shimano introduces XTR M9050 Di2, the world's first production electronic mountain bike shifting system. An electronic shifting option for Shimano's new 11-speed XTR M9000 mechanical mountain bike components, XTR Di2 redefines how mountain bikers can control and personalise the way they ride through the proven Di2 digital platform.

Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 electronic shifting integrates with XTR M9000 mechanical components in a variety of Race or Trail "Rider Tuned" 1x11, 2x11, or 3x11 drivetrain configurations. The new 11-speed XTR M9000 drivetrain introduces Rhythm Step gearing which provides range and ensures rhythm, no matter the rider or terrain. With the additional efficiency, new shifting options and personalisation of the digital Di2 system, riders now can control their ride like never before.

The new Shimano Synchronized Shift function and programmable shift mapping allows riders to change their focus from the physical effort of shifting to the trail ahead. A programmable option with XTR Di2 M9050, Shimano Synchronized Shift creates an intuitive shifting experience on the bike through customisable synchronized front and rear shifting via a single FIREBOLT shifter.

XTR FIREBOLT shifter: seamless control and instant response

The new, easy-to-use XTR Di2 FIREBOLT shifters make shifting a simple rider reflex and deliver customisable ergonomics that improve bike control. Shimano's FIREBOLT customisable shift button placement is determined entirely by human ergonomics, not by the needs of a mechanical mechanism. FIREBOLT shift levers are now exactly where thumbs naturally rest, allowing riders to put more grip on the handlebar and control the ride with more confidence - especially in rough conditions.

RD-M9050: Unrivaled shift performance and stability

Shimano's first mountain bike specific Di2 rear derailleur is also its most technologically advanced. Introducing Shimano Shadow RD+ stabilisation to Di2, the RD-M9050 couples unrivaled chain control that aggressive riders have come to love with shift performance that doesn't degrade over time. Whether XC or trail riders run a 1x11, 2x11 or 3x11 drivetrain, the ultra narrow profile help protect the drivetrain in tight trail sections. The refined rear derailleur geometry further improves the performance stability while Shimano Synchronized Shift enables system communication with the front derailleur.

FD-M9050/9070 (3x11/2x11): powerful, Di2-optimised front shifting

Long regarded as the most notable feature of Shimano Di2 shifting, the front derailleur performance remains the best in the industry, now with the additional capabilities of Shimano Synchronized Shift. With XTR M9050 Di2, front shifts require the same light effort of a rear Di2 shift, reducing effort and freeing up the rider to focus on the trail. The FD-M9050 uses computer controlled auto trim as the chain moves up and down the cassette to keep the drivetrain running smoothly. Shimano Synchronized Shift compatibility allows a single shifter to control both front and rear shifting.

SC-M9050 Display Unit: system status at a glance

Digital Di2 E-tube electronics allow the inclusion of the handlebar mounted SC-M9050 Display Unit for monitoring important Di2 data: gear selection, battery level and shift mode. The SC-M9050 not only provides data, but also is the convenient interface where riders will plug in and charge the system from the handlebar - an especially handy virtue when running an internal battery. The expandable E-tube platform also means that integration with electric-controlled suspension from FOX is a reality.

E-tube electronics connect the system

Shimano's XTR M9050 shifting system uses the same E-tube platform introduced with road Di2 groups that is programmable, customisable and allows for expansion and further system integration. Wires are offered in a wide variety of lengths for bikes of all sizes and shapes and cable routing options will connect the various junction points. Unlike traditional cables and housing, wires are not affected by trail and weather conditions, providing consistent performance in this waterproof system.

Components are the parts on a bike such as the cranks, chainrings, chain, sprockets, hubs, bottom bracket, brakes and gear levers also called a groupset. The quality (and price) increases through classifications from entry level to elite. Going up in levels will give increased performance, (for example the levers will change gears more fluently and easily) with lighter weight.

When buying a bike and once a frame is selected, experienced buyers will purchase the highest level of componentry their budget will allow*.

*When purchasing a new bike, bear in mind that eventually your components will wear out and this then provides opportunity to upgrade to a higher level - the same can't be said for your frame which is why it should still be your number one consideration.

Levels from lowest to highest, a brief guide -


  • Shimano - 2200 > Sora > Tiagra > 105 > Ultegra > DuraAce/DI2
  • SRAM - Non-Series > Apex > Rival > Force > Red
  • Campagnolo - Veloce > Centour > Athena > Chorus > Record > SuperRecord


  • Shimano - Alivio > Deore > Deore LX > SLX > DeoreXT > Saint > NewXTR
  • SRAM - X7 > X9 > X0 > XS


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